So.... How did I get here, again?

This Trip comes as no surprise to me. But maybe it does to you. I’ve had wanderlust for over a year now, but my self constructed workaholism has restricted me from doing so. It’s the vortex a freelancer can get caught in, especially those with an innately ambitious soul. But this past year was the tipping point for me.

 I’d like to consider myself a decently, level headed man, but “all work and no play” can easily make this “Jack” a dull boy. For the average office abiding “nine to five’er”, it can be hard to wrap ones head around the whimsical schedule of a freelancer. Hell, sometimes even OTHER freelancers don’t get it! It’s great for those (like myself) who love the uncertainty and challenges of new jobs and experiences. Which brings me around to my trip.

I wrote this entry from an airport in Egypt, gazing out into the motherland. I’m donning black sweats and a misleading StarWars t-shirt (It’s two Storm-Troopers, guns raised, posing as tourist against the Tatooinne landscape, with a Post script reading “wish you were here.” - Not fitting for place located so close to Syria? Eh? Maybe not. (#mixedmessages.).

I’m on this trip en route to a retreat in Worcester, South Africa

So I’m here now. Prepared to backpack through South Africa from there to London, Paris (possibly), and then Barcelona – And I want you to follow along with me.